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Georgia Marriage License Information


Information below is for reference only and is not to be
construed as legal or definitive advice.

Please call Chatham County Probate Court located in the Court House,
133 Montgomery St. room #509 in Savannah, GA at 912-652-7395
to receive the most complete and up to date information.

Both the bride and the groom must be 18 years of age to apply for a marriage license without parental consent. Persons as young as 16 may apply if accompanied by both parents who have given written consent.

If both the bride and the groom are nonresidents of Georgia, they must apply for a license in the county where the marriage is to be performed. Georgia residents may apply in any county.

As of July 2003 Blood tests are no longer required. There is no waiting period and there is no expiration date. THIS APPLIES FOR BOTH RESIDENTS AND NONRESIDENTS.

  • If you apply for a marriage license in Chatham County your ceremony must be conducted in Chatham County.
  • No blood tests are required
  • Obtain your marriage license at the Chatham County Courthouse between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.
  • Marriage license fee $66
  • No waiting period
  • It takes between 20-25 minutes to obtain your license
  • If either parties have been divorced you must have your divorce decree at the time of application
  • Information obtained from the Chatham County Probate Court at (912) 652-7395

Make application for the marriage license in person at the county’s probate court. Each applicant must present two valid forms of identification (birth certificate, driver’s license, U. S. passport, Armed Forces ID card, Resident Alien ID card) and fill out a brief form.

If either party has been divorced, he or she must present a copy of the divorce decree. If a previous marriage has ended in death, a death certificate must be presented.

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