Tybee Island Wedding flowers …

We can custom make any arrangements you require. If you want to keep within the beach-y theme we can make bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages with flowers, shells, and starfish. We can do our custom starfish boutonniere for the groom and his groomsmen. My flower lady often tucks a little blue starfish into your bouquet for ’something blue’.

Don’t forget corsages and boutonnieres for the other members of the family! Petals for your flowergirl to scatter on the beach, or petals to place on the sand for the ceremony is a nice touch.

*** We are proponents of keeping our beaches CLEAN. Silk or plastic flower petals are LITTERING and we ask that you only use REAL flower petals.

New rule 7/19/08 ~ Tybee Island Wedding will charge $25/15 minutes of picking up silk flower petals, beer cans, bubble wands, etc., on the beach after your wedding ceremony. PLEASE ~ Leave only your Footprints on Tybee Island.

Contact us to find out prices and availability. We work with flower preference, price or colors. Let us know what you want and we’ll get you a good quote from a fabulous florist.

**Please note that flowers may not always be in stock for good prices. Flowers depend on the season, weather and gas prices. A flower quote in April may not be the same in December. Getting one type of flower is less expensive than mixed bouquets.

Be creative and have large calla lilies for you and birds of paradise for your bridesmaids! Be traditional and have a nosegay of many flowers in a single color. Hand-tied bouquets of a single flower are very popular – roses, mini or large calla lilies, gerbera daisies.

Mix it up! It’s a beach wedding and you can do what you want!

For weddings we have supplied cut and live flowers for the wedding ceremony, as well as ferns, ligustrum trees, hibiscus trees and live plants for the reception decorations.


Below find information on Bouquet Styles, Flowers and their meanings, Roses and their meanings, Flowers to match your wedding colors

Bouquet styles:

Cascade: Large, tear-shaped arrangement in which flowers graceful spill downward

Nosegay: Round in shape, in a tightly bound cluster of small flowers

Arm Bouquet: Graceful crescent shape designed to be cradled in one arm

Biedermeier Bouquet: Concentric circles of flowers in different flowers

Hand-Tied Bouquet: A simple cluster of long stems, tied with a ribbon

Spray Bouquet: Usually a triangular shaped cluster of flowers

Pomander: Ball of flowers suspended from the wrist by decorative ribbons

Flowers and their meanings:

Carnations: Colors available: White, Pink, Red, Yellow (plus others)
Meaning: Maiden modesty, beauty

Calla Lilies: Colors available: Mini white, pink, yellow, red (plus many others).
Meaning: Beauty

Mini calla lilies require many stems for a single bouquet.

Large callas come in white, yellow and green. Large calla lilies only require 3-7 stems to create a large and dramatic bouquet.

Large callas also make dramatic (and tall) centerpieces.

Daisies: Colors available: White & Yellow
Meaning: Innocence

Gerber Daisies: Colors available: White, Yellow, Pinks, Orange & Red
Meaning: Beauty

Casablanca /Stargazer / Oriental or Asian Lilies:
Meaning: Purity and sweetness

Casablanca lilies are white, Stargazers have the hot pink center and Oriental lilies are usually one color (pink, yellow, purple or orange).

Alstroemeria / Peruvian lilies:
Prosperity and friendship

Alstromeria come in almost every color in the rainbow. They are hearty and accent and compliment Asian lilies very well because of their smaller size and similar coloring, for boutonnieres, bridesmaids bouquets, and accent flowers. Usually very inexpensive, they can create an amazing bouquet or bouquet filler.

Dendrobium Orchids: (small cluster orchids) Colors available: White, Purple, sometimes Pink
Meaning: You are a belle, you flatter me

Cymbidium Orchids: (large single) Colors available: White, Lime Green, & Pink

Meaning: Love, beauty, refinement

Mini Cymbidium Orchids: (smaller version ~ florist needs time to order) Colors available: White, Lime Green, & Pink

Leis: Colors available: White, Green, & Pink

Roses: Colors available: White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Ivory, Green, Coral, & Lavender (other colors and styles available, too). Spray roses are mini roses and are excellent for bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages and filler flowers in a mixed bouquet.

**Tybee Island Wedding would like to thank the people whose websites we borrowed the above flower images from. The above pictures in the “Flowers and their meanings” section do not belong to us ~ however, these are the ONLY images we have borrowed from other sources. ALL pictures of weddings are exclusively images of Tybee Island Wedding, Inc., and are images from Tybee Island, performed by Tybee Island Wedding.

** Please note that we are proponents of keeping our beaches CLEAN. Silk or plastic flower petals are LITTERING and we ask that you only use REAL flower petals.

Roses and Their Meanings:

Roses are always a popular and traditional flower for bouquets.

What you may not know is that the wonderful colours have wide and varied meanings.

Red Roses- Love, Passion, Respect


Black Magic….Dark Velvet Red
Opium….Bright Red
Magnum….Deep Dark Red
Red One….Classic Red

White Roses-Innocence, Serenity, Purity


Akito….Like fresh snow, pure white
Eskimo….A soft petite ivory white rose
White Lydia….Pure White Spray

Pink Roses-Happiness, Grace, Thankfulness


Sweet Unique….Pale Pink
Poeme!….Blush Pink
Shocking Versilia….Deep Hot Pink
Mascara….Hot Pink

Yellow Roses-Friendship, Happiness, Get Well, Thinking of You


Gold Strike….Golden Yellow
Golden Time….A perfectly formed bright yellow
Tressor….Yellow tipped with red
Circus….Bright yellow with bright orange tips

Cream Roses-Charming, Thoughtful, Gracious


Vendela….A beautiful, creamy large budded rose
Champagne….Perfectly fluted, long lasting true cream
Chantilly….A true ivory rose
Renata….Cream with Lemon Centre

Apricot/Orange Roses-Admiration


Leonardis….Brown and orange two-toned bloom
Tropical Amazon….Brilliant orange apricot
Trix!….A soft orange rose
Renaissance….Soft apricot rose
Orange Cascade….Tangerine Spray
Circus….Bright yellow with bright orange tips

Mauve Roses-Erotica, Love, Fantasia


Blue Curiosa….Mauve
Paradise….A delightful mauve rose with cerise tips
Delilah….A lovely pinky mauve rose with bright green foliage
Pacific Blue….Silvery Blue-Lavender

Flowers to match your wedding colors:


-Spider Mum
-Parrot Tulip
-Cattleya Orchid
-Calla Lilies


-John Story Orchid
-Preference Rose
-Black Magic Rose
-Mona Lisa Anemone
-Gloriosa Lily
-Red Charm Peonies


-Spray Rose
-Vanda Orchid
-Mountain Tree Peony
-Cymbidium Orchid


-Jade Rose
-Super Green Rose
-Green Goddess Calla Lily
-Bells of Ireland
-Parrot Tulip
-Lady’s Mantle
-Cymbidium Orchids


-Flame Calla Lily
-Circus Rose
-Orange Asiatic Lily
-Orange Gerbera Daisies


-Lily of the Valley

-Mophead Hydrangea
-Cinderella White Stock
-Phalaenopsis Orchid


-Telstar Iris
-Calla Lily
-Perfection Tulip
-Charlie’s Angel Sweet Pea
-Mona Lisa Anemone

** Please note that we are proponents of keeping our beaches CLEAN. Silk or plastic flower petals are LITTERING and we ask that you only use REAL flower petals.