Local Tybee Shopping

Tybee Island Wedding - Local Shopping


Quaint, LOCAL stores and services around the Island bring you the best experience you can have while you’re on Tybee Island. True, you can register with Bed, Bath and Beyond for your basic needs (and they’re great!), but why not register for fun, funky, classic, and classy items that bring your whole Tybee experience home and into your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom, or bathroom…)? Here’s a GREAT way to make shopping easy for your destination guests ~ they can buy you something when they get to Tybee ~ and probably even get a cute little “something something” for themselves.


Wow! This shop is IT when it comes to your shopping needs. When thinking Seaside Sisters, think “the never ending vacation”.

  • Quaint, quirky Tybee items (stickers, prints, signs, t-shirts, hats, glasses, drinking glasses…)
  • Beach reading (always got the latest Tybee books!)
  • Reception items ~ candles, napkins, seashells (I love their little clamshell candles for decorating at receptions!)
  • Bridal/bridesmaids hair pieces and jewelry
  • Bridesmaids gifts ~ jewelry, books, flipflops, t-shirts, mermaids
  • Groomsmen gifts ~ full line of “Tybee Bomb Squad” items
  • Cards
  • Vintage cottage items
  • Home decoration items ~ pillows, prints, antiques, side furniture, beach pictures, chandeliers, signs (point back to the Beach, even if you’re in the Midwest!)


You’ll walk away with items you love that remind you of your special day, and your guests will LOVE the convenience and ease of shopping. They’ll even wrap and ship!  (picture courtesy of www.seasidesisterstybee.com).

Coastal Wood Design Savannah offers many amazing wooden wedding gifts for you and your guests to take away a piece of history. Reclaimed and local woods are used for Pirate Planks (cutting boards), honey dippers, bowls, rolling pins, etc. – everything the newlyweds might need, all made by local Pirate and Tybeeian, Steve Cook. Please visit their Etsy shop – https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoastalWoodDesignSAV


High Tide Surf Shop

What?? You don’t think surf shops are for weddings? Well, we think High Tide is GREAT for:

  • Stand-Up Paddle Board rentals and lessons. Easy to learn and so much fun.
  • Groomsmen gifts ~ the ultimate THANK YOU for your best buddies traveling 500 miles is to get them a pair of Reef bottle opener flip-flops (what?). I’ll say it again ~ bottle opener flip flops. How cool will  you be to them then?
  • Tybee towels
  • Tybee t-shirts for the family
  • Sunglasses for bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts
  • Bride/Groom surfboards to each other. Got a wahini who wants to surf? Get her her own Surf Betty!